Friday, November 27, 2009

Manamko' Luncheon

The Rotary Club of Saipan has hosted a Manamko' Luncheon every holiday season for over 20 consecutive years. As the Director of Community Service, this year was my turn to organize the event.

Rotarians were asked to donate something to eat and something to raffle. All told me brought three turkeys, three hams, mashed potatoes, rice, taro, stuffing, cranberry sauce, a huge cake, a dozen pies, pumpkin bread, bean salad, bottled water, sodas, and of course, lots of helping hand to help dish out the food.

After we served the Manamko' we had the chance to eat. I honestly don't think I've had turkey since last Thanksgiving (not a lot of turkey served at Asian restaurants). Man, it was good.

After everyone ate we had our door prize raffle. Rotarian Perry donated the best prize: cold, hard cash. We also had gift certificates for buffets, lunches, breakfasts, several umbrellas, and even a Magic Sing.

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