Tuesday, December 1, 2009

David Gulick From DHS

With the Department of Homeland Security taking over the CNMI's labour and immigration only 3 days earlier the timing of this speakers comment could not have been any better.

LinkMr. Gulick, by his own admission, has been around US immigration issues for a very long time and brings a wealth of experience to the table. The members and guests of Rotary are fortunate to be able to hear and ask questions in such an intimate atmosphere.

You can read more about today's discussion in the Marianas Variety:
"Advance parole can be used multiple times"
"Parole status offered to foreign dependents of FAS citizens, others"

More in the Tribune:
"USCIS to grant parole for 4 groups"

President Kim Forrester looks on!

President Kim and agent Low, the new look at our ports of entry.

And the Rotary pot remains - over $700 bucks up for grabs next week - stay tuned!

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